Monday Inspiration

monday inspirationI’m not quite sure if it is because we have been conditioned to believe Mondays are the ultimate worst days of the week, or if it is because they just are and that’s why we always feel sluggish at the beginning of a new week, but I’m here to put some kick in your step this week with my new Monday series, “Monday Inspiration.” Over the week, I do a bit of web browsing, and boy do I come out with some good finds – or what I like to call, the “gems of the world wide web.” Feeling like you need a big inspirational boost to get through the rest of the week? Well look no further. Here is a list of some great content you can peruse through, read and watch throughout the rest of the week so you never have to feel burned out. And don’t worry, you can thank me later ;)

  • Having a moment where you feel you’re not good enough. Well the folks over at Darling magazine think otherwise. (Link)
  • Body Image, oh body image. I made my own video tackling the issue, but this video created by both the creators of Darling and Soulpancake is just as great of a watch. (Link) and (Link)
  • Think calligraphers are out of demand? Think again. Paris based calligrapher, Nicholas Ouchenier has made invitations for some of the biggest fashion houses around, including Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci, and more. I mean, who knew you could make a sound living from your handwriting? (Link)
  • Something must be said for Youtubers you watch religiously. Whether she is giving out beauty related advice, or vlogging her every day experiences with her boyfriend Aslan and greyhound dog, Reggie, Estée from essiebutton and essiebuttonvlogs is by far one my favorite Youtubers to-date. Make sure to check her out on your free time. I promise you won’t regret it. (Link) and (Link).

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Busy Bee

I know, I know, my lack of commitment to the blog is something I never thought would happen since its genesis, but what can I say? I’ve landed a wonderful opportunity to intern with an illustrious fashion stylist, plus I work part-time, so I sure am one busy bee. While not an excuse, it’s the main reason why I haven’t been feeding the blog as much as I want to. No need to worry, though; last week I luckily met up with a close friend of mine to discuss brand new content for the blog, so prepare yourself for some great outfit posts, think pieces penned my me (well, duh), interviews from fashion professionals, and much much more.

But before then, I’ll feed your eyes for now. Enjoy!

Shammara Lawrence outfit of the daybusy beeDress: Gap| Shoes: H&M| White Top: Urban Outfitters| Black Head Piece: Urban Outfitters

Betsey Johnson Love!

There’s something to be said about a bag whose handle turns into that of a phone. While I have had my pink cheetah print Betsey Johnson bag for years now, my love for its overall concept as a “makeshift phone” (one that unfortunately doesn’t work, but is still cute nonetheless) has grown over the years; and as it is approaching summer and the weather has been more or less lovely these past couple of weeks, I have been able to wear it more often, since I don’t have to worry quite as much about carrying a big bag for school. Matched with my blue velvet dress I have also had for years now from Urban Outfitters, the bag made the perfect accessory, along with my favorite hat of all time – well, at least for the twenty years I have been alive thus far.

Also, woah, I am twenty now, when did that happen?

 Jacket: Gap|Dress: Urban Outfitters| Shoes: H&M| Bag: Betsey Johnson| Hat: H&M

Westberlin Café

westberlin cafeEvery writer has their preferred working space. Sometimes it is a designated section of one’s home, other times it is a neighborhood restaurant or café. For me, cafés have long been where I seem to most productive as a writer. There is something unexplainable about being surrounded by other productive people that pushes you to stop making excuses and get to work.

Being miles away from home and my beloved New York City coffee shops, I developed a strong-knitted relationship with Berlin and it’s cafés, specifically, westberlin. A coffee shop and media center in one, the latest issues of well-known magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and Vogue, as well as more niche, independent publications such as Sleek, and Dummy, can all be found under one roof known as the westberlin café.  Since my first visit to the space, I was incredibly taken aback by the plethora of publications aligned on the white walls, I immediately knew an interview with the owner and founder, Kai Bröer, would be a perfect fit for the blog. Within the first couple of minutes into our interview, I gladly learned about Kai’s background as an architect, and well as his impetus for starting westberlin. Not to mention, Kai’s penchant for print media (as well as new media) shone through our brief conversation, highlighting the core branding behind westberlin as a coffee shop and media center for coffee and magazine lovers alike.west berlin cafe

Where did you get the inspiration to name the café westberlin?

Kind of by accident, I have to say. I saw a poster – a sneakers ad or something – where there were several guys wearing tank tops and one was wearing one where it said West Berlin on it. And I was like, that’s actually a really good name, because this place is in West Berlin. I mean, I looked for all kinds of names. It’s really hard finding a proper name. And I have some names that I want to tell you that I thought were really good, and now I feel like, oh my god thank god I didn’t do that.west berlin cafefashion magazine

What was the motivation behind featuring a wide selection of magazines in westberlin?

One of the reasons why I liked the idea of combining a coffee place with a media shop – which this is -  was that it was the ’90s in New York, there was a place called News Bar. It was on 5th avenue and 18th street, and I remember going there regularly and I always loved the concept. They had a little bar with muffins, donuts and bagels – and coffee, obviously. They also sold magazines. They had CNN running above the counter, so it was kind of the idea to get the latest news and also get a coffee and a bagel. And I thought that kind of sums it up with what I would like or what I would love to do – a cup of coffee and a great magazine, or read a paper, a newspaper, and get all the quick information that you need in a big city.

Where do you see the coffee shop in two or three years from now?

Right now it’s going really well. I will actually like to get [work] the magazine part a little more. I’m pretty happy with the way it is running right now, and I hope I still have people around me that will still be there working with me on the coffee part. I want to work more on the magazine selection. I want to attract the right people still. I think I also have great customers. I really like my mix of people that go here, so if is going to stay like that, I will be really happy.

*Disclosure: This interview has been condensed from the original transcript.

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