Black History Month: Fashion Edition

Black History Month is a great time to stop and reflect. A crucial time to commemorate those who have come before us, and those fighting for justice and equality in this current moment in history. A lover of history, and more specifically, American history, I have long marveled about people who have dedicated their lives to a cause which seek to create a more just and equal society. While history tends to remember the victors – as the old adage goes – I always look for the fighters in the margins; those speaking their truths and shedding light on oppressive systems in any way they see fit. Their strength, courage, and oh, their vigor, has opened doors for people like myself to walk through. As a Caribbean American, I take pride in the how far race relations (in an American context) has developed, and I remain hopeful for how it will manifest in our everyday interactions in the future. Given my dreams of one day becoming a fashion and/or style editor for a major publication or content website,  Black History Month is the perfect time to shed light on those in the fashion industry who have shattered glass ceilings, opening up space for the future generations of talent to shine through.

André Leon Talley (Vogue’s former editor-at-large)

Andre Leon Talley

The former Vogue editor, often considered Anna Wintour’s right hand, has the personality, grace and wisdom one may suspect from someone who has worked for such a renowned magazine. Over the years, Talley’s fervor and passion has continued to amaze and inspire, through and through.

Edward Enninful (W magazine’s fashion and style director)

Edward Einninful

“These [Jimmy Choo] shoes would be fabulous” the fashion and style director of magazine whizzed on, as I (the intern) packed items away in a clothing duffle while sitting in the fashion closet. Enninful’s work has graced international editions of Vogue, and if you’ve ever seen the documentary, The September Issue, you’ll know just how meticulous and dedicated he is.

Chioma Nnadi (’s fashion news director)

Chioma Nnadi

The current fashion director of, the British fashion journalist has previous experience working for the music focused publication, The Fader, so you can imagine how vast her cultural references are. Her inimitable style, gracious nature, and succinct writing style, have placed her on the forefront of the industry.

Shiona Turini (Fashion Consultant; Cosmopolitan’s former market director)

Shiona Turini

Known in the industry as the QUEEN of crop tops, the former market director of Cosmopolitan is accessible and relatable for anyone looking to break into the fashion industry. Her inimitable drive and openness via her social media accounts and past interviews she has done, is a testament to just how far hard work can get you.

June Ambrose (Celebrity Stylist) 

June Ambrose

Stylist. A mother. Free spirit. Risk Taker. To beat the expression to the ground, there is seriously nothing this woman ostensibly can’t do. Personally, when I feel overwhelmed or like my sense of self is drifting, Ambrose provides a great reference point. You should always take life for what it is, have fun, and live freely – and that’s exactly what Ambrose has done in all of her years as a stylist.

Julia Sarr Jamois (i-D magazine’s senior fashion editor)

Julia Sarr Jamois

First off, have you seen her hair? Besides giving us all major hair envy, the fashion editor-at-large of i-D magazine surely knows how to pull an outfit together, whether for herself or a fashion shoot. Most importantly, Jamois has inspired me to love my hair and to embrace the wild and unconventional.

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Gladiator Shoe Love

My mother and I have completely different taste in clothes. Sartorially speaking, while we share a similar love for color, our personal styles vary quite distinctly from one another. So when she gave me this black and white stripped peplum shirt, I was in shock as to how her senses were spot on. It is was a great addition to my closet, and even better, it fits my my upper body so well. Pairing it with some gladiator sandals straight out of my mother’s closet – hey, that is what happens when you wear the same shoe size as your mother – I was ready for a day of pickups at my internship. I reckon the peplum shirt would look chic with a black leather pencil skirt. What you think?

ootdgladiator shoe loveTop: Victoria Secret| Shorts: Urban Outfitters| Earrings: Betsey Johnson| Shoes: Mom’s Closet

Busy Bee: Life Update

Just the other day in a mode of self reflection, I started to think about how productive and fulfilling my summer has been thus far. Through interning with renown stylist Giovanna Battaglia and her first assistant, Solange, I have met some amazing people this summer. Never would I have guessed I would have stepped foot in any Vogue recognized office at the age of twenty, but here I am this summer having worked in the Vogue Japan New York office. In addition, I have been on some of the most executed, imaginative styling sets anyone could possibly set foot on; leading me to come to terms with a future career as a fashion stylist. In addition to carving out a career in styling, I also hope become a fashion and lifestyle writer, as writing has always been on of my passions - which is why, oddly, I can’t wrap my head around why I haven’t been on this bad boy (my blog) in what will make a month today. Sure, I’ve been incredibly busy, but if writing is something I hope to get better at, I need to start doing it more frequently. So I’m challenging myself to update at least twice a week and I want you to hold me accountable. Starting tomorrow, I will have a weekly think piece on Thursday, which will consistently be titled, “Think Piece Thursday,” so check back every Thursday for that. Now to just sit back and watch the writing evolution of Shammara. I’m sure it will be an illuminating one.

Toddles, my loves!

shammara lawrence busy beeoutfit of the day Dress: H&M|Cardigan: Primark| Necklace: Primark| Shoes: H&M 

Monday Inspiration

monday inspirationI’m not quite sure if it is because we have been conditioned to believe Mondays are the ultimate worst days of the week, or if it is because they just are and that’s why we always feel sluggish at the beginning of a new week, but I’m here to put some kick in your step this week with my new Monday series, “Monday Inspiration.” Over the week, I do a bit of web browsing, and boy do I come out with some good finds – or what I like to call, the “gems of the world wide web.” Feeling like you need a big inspirational boost to get through the rest of the week? Well look no further. Here is a list of some great content you can peruse through, read and watch throughout the rest of the week so you never have to feel burned out. And don’t worry, you can thank me later ;)

  • Having a moment where you feel you’re not good enough. Well the folks over at Darling magazine think otherwise. (Link)
  • Body Image, oh body image. I made my own video tackling the issue, but this video created by both the creators of Darling and Soulpancake is just as great of a watch. (Link) and (Link)
  • Think calligraphers are out of demand? Think again. Paris based calligrapher, Nicholas Ouchenier has made invitations for some of the biggest fashion houses around, including Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci, and more. I mean, who knew you could make a sound living from your handwriting? (Link)
  • Something must be said for Youtubers you watch religiously. Whether she is giving out beauty related advice, or vlogging her every day experiences with her boyfriend Aslan and greyhound dog, Reggie, Estée from essiebutton and essiebuttonvlogs is by far one my favorite Youtubers to-date. Make sure to check her out on your free time. I promise you won’t regret it. (Link) and (Link).

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